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Exchange domain problems

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  • Exchange domain problems

    I got a call today from a user who recently changed there password that whenever they tried logging into the computer and open outlook outlook couldn't connect to the exchange server enter user-name and password. Since they couldn't remember their old password this was a major problem.

    I took a look and went and created a trust relationship between the exchange server (which has the domain of say xyz123) and the domain controller (1 way excange trusts domain controller, which has domain of say xyz_123). Giving them mailbox rights they then were able to access their mailbox again. However I noticed that now nobody could log in via web access or re-open their outlook. To give myself some time I gave everybody (only about 25 users) rights to their mailbox using their name on the domain controller. Everything at first glance looks good but... I can no longer access the public folders I am supposed to have ownership permision on, and I can't access other people calendar's and mailboxes I have permissions on. Clearly it is no longer letting me connect using my account name on the exchange server it is simply letting me in under the trust relationship.

    The question is how do I fix the whole mess now? I can delete the trust relationship etc but I how do I make sure web access works and the passwords are all correct and it accepts the user who is logged into their computer through the domain controller obviously?

    Noach Sumner

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    Partially fixed


    This morning of course everybody was in need of a fix. I deleted my trust relationship (which I knew was a bad fix but held for a little). Very quickly everyone who hasn't changed their password recently was able to connect, and access everything they should be able to! However the two people (myself and an outside software developer of ours) who have changed passwords recently is unable to connect.

    I need to be able to connect but right now I at least have all my real users happy. However if anybody has a "real" solution please...