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Migrating Exchange 2000 to a new exchange 2000 Server

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  • Migrating Exchange 2000 to a new exchange 2000 Server

    Hi, we have been having a problem with or store.exe failing upto 30 times a day, and Microsoft do not seem to be able to repair this.

    So we are planning on installing a new server with Server 2000 Sp4 and Exchange 2000 on it once again. What I was wondering is if there is an easy way to migrate the existing settings and data to the new server.

    Any help would be greatly apreciated.



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    As long as you still have the Exchange Org and AD infrastructure in place, installing a new server is quite easy.

    1) Install the new server into the existing org.
    2) Move mailboxes to the new server.
    3) Replicate PFs to the new server.
    4) Move any connectors you have to the new server.
    5) Move ADC to another server (if you have it).
    6) leave the old server on for a while, then, after a couple of days take it offline and see if everything works ok. If it does, you can now uninstall it and then remove it from the domain.

    In any case, make sure you have a good backup, and also, for your own sake, RTFM before jumping in.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Thanks Daniel,

      And dont worry I will read the manual


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        Downgrading from a PDC

        Hi there,

        This system has been inherited from previous support people and they had the Exchange server running as a PDC, I was wondering when in this process of migrating the server I could safely demote it from this status.

        Overview :

        We have at the moment four domain controllers, Authentication & Application server, Exchange server, and two File Servers.

        Then we have two Database Servers, Print Server, Backup Server, Intranet Server and a Extranet Server.

        Any recomendations to how we should go about this.