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  • System manager mount store

    Hello all,

    My problem is solved, the DNS record in the dns server where pointing to the wrong ip address, removed it and registered again, and baboem, it worked
    my excuses

    We have 2 exchange servers in our network, now i would like to view the mailboxes on server 2 from server 1 through system manager, but i always get the message, but this doesn't work, i always get the error:

    "The action could not be completed because the Microsoft Exchange Information Store device is unavailable. Be sure the service is running and you have network connectivity to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer

    ID no: c1041721
    Exchange System manager"

    From server 2 to 1 everything works fine.
    For the rest everything works alright on both servers, i have network connection between the servers and dns settings are fine, all services are running on server 1 and 2.

    Anyone have any idea please?

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    Re: System manager mount store


    I suspect that both the servers are in different sites as this error comes if some firewall settings do not allow all the required ports.

    Most of the times itís due to RPC restrictions as RPC assigns a dynamic port now in your case itís coming on one server only so there might be any one of the following issue:

    1. Only unidirectional ports are open.
    2. One server is configured to use static port for RPC (Using registry editor) and other one is not.

    Kapil Sharma
    Life is too short, Enjoy It.