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Changing Mailbox Rights

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  • Changing Mailbox Rights

    Hi All,

    I have searched through the forums and did find some stuff related to my question - even someone who asked my question before, but it didn't really get answered. So, I will try and see if anyone can help me:

    I want to make changes to the ACL for all my mailboxes (ADU&C - Exchange Advanced - Mailbox Rights) so that only the person who's email it is and their boss and the executive level here can get to the mailbox. Whenever I try to Remove a permission, it is telling me that I can't do that because the object is inheriting permissions from its parent. I have turned off inheritance all the way up to the Organization level (thanks to a post here about adding a registry entry to show the Security Tab) and it is still telling me that the object is inheriting permissions from its parent. I don't know what else I can do to turn off inheritance. I even turned it off for the MDBDATA folder. I don't know where to go from here at all and would appreciate any help that anyone can think of.


    Scott Harder
    ASPG, Inc.

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    Re: Changing Mailbox Rights

    Nevermind. I found a way to remove accounts or groups via ADSI Edit in the tool collection. It still won't let me do it via ADU&C and it would be good to know why it thinks there is still inheritance there. There may be, but I sure don't know where. At any rate, my issue is resolved.