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    Does anyone know if it is possible to setup a mail enabled folder to accept mail from any address on a specific domain?

    So for example, I am accepting mail for domain and I want a mail enabled folder to accept mail from [email protected] and [email protected]


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    Re: Mail Enabled Folder

    Natively with Exchange - no.
    What you are talking about is a catch all, which is not a feature that Exchange has. You would have to look at third party tools for that.

    However, catch alls are a bad idea. It means that any email address at the server is valid, which means it becomes nothing but a spam and virus trap. It is not something I ever recommend.

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      Re: Mail Enabled Folder

      Yes It is called a catch-all, I should have put that in the question.

      I realize it isn't something that most people should do, but this is for some developers who are testing with multiple emails.
      I wanted them to just look in one place and then I can hace control of how long the emails will last in the folder.

      Too bad Exchange doesn't do that.

      thanks for your response.