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Exchange for multiple hosted domains?

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  • Exchange for multiple hosted domains?

    I don't know if this is a silly question or not, but here it goes:

    OK, I looked everywhere, and I just can't seem to make any headway. I have set up two VM machines (I'll call them NS1 and NS2), NS1 running DNS on and hosting domains on Then NS2 is set up as a secondary DNS on and IMAP on, POP on and SMTP on

    On NS1 I have setup,,, and inside IIS (the default web site is All zones transfer, no errors, all's OK.

    On NS2, I've set up X2003 and it asked me to install NNTP, SMTP, and IIS. I did all that. Now how do I add [email protected] and [email protected] inside X2003 on NS2? I set up the connectors, I have a default SMTP , POP3, IMAP4 servers. I have set up a new user "test" and I can set pick up mail for [email protected]. And that's where it stops for me. I don't know where to go read up on how to move on from there. I want to set up [email protected], etc. When I tried to set up a new SMTP virtual server, it said I have to use a unique IP or port. But all sites are running on, which is on a completely different(!) server.

    So basically, can I use X2003 to provide email services for my other test domains? Does X2003 need to be on NS1 where IIS is? I tried this:, but basicall I don't know where to add users for "", so to speak.

    Does _any_ of this make sense to you?

    Thanks, and sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    Re: Exchange for multiple hosted domains?

    Right, that KB article is close.

    You must also add an MX record for the domain (ex.)

    Configure the recipent policy like the kb article said.

    And add the domain in active directory, go to domains and trust right click

    active directory trust and set the upn suffix.

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Good Luck!!


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      Re: Exchange for multiple hosted domains?

      Wow, so far so good!

      So basically, I can have POP and IMAP for any "hosted" domain I setup on NS1 inside IIS? I don't need a 3rd-party mail server app. (like this guy:, correct?

      And now I can see that when I add a new user "" is available in the drop down menu!

      So, if I understand you correctly, on NS1 I do this:
      A record for IMAP points to
      A record for POP points to
      A record for SMTP points to

      Now -
      On NS1 I have a reverse zone for the records on NS1.
      On NS2 I have a reverse zone 192.168.5.x Subnet, also for the records on NS1.

      When I change the IPs to point to NS2, it cannot add PTR records since "the referenced lookup zone cannot be found". Do I need a reverse zone on NS1 for
      NS2? Do I need to have And if I do, then I also need to add it on NS2, right?