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Inetinfo running at 100%

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  • Inetinfo running at 100%

    Hello on our exchange 2003 server inetinfo.exe is running at 100%.

    We have tried rebooting the server that did not help.

    What should we do????

    Please help.

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    Re: Inetinfo running at 100%

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      Re: Inetinfo running at 100%

      That is usually a sign that either the server is being abused or there is something else wrong. Third party software is the usual cause.

      However first, stop the SMTP Server Service. If the processor use drops then someone is attacking the SMTP stack. If it continues then you need to stop the IIS related services (HTTP, FTP etc) until it stops. If it doesn't stop until you stop the main IIS service then there could be a more serious issue.

      AV or antispam software is the usual cause, so I would be looking to remove that first and then rebooting the machine.

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