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Forwarding to Distribution List

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  • Forwarding to Distribution List


    Using SBS 2003, I've setup a user that forwards all email to a distribution list, and store locally also. When you send an external email to that user, both the user and the distribution list get it (as per design), but internal emails are only received by that user and not by the list. Is this normal, and if not how do I fix it?

    The distribution list is universal and has both internal users and external contacts. Does that matter?

    Cheers, Rod

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    Re: Forwarding to Distribution List

    Is the user account an actual user, or are you just using it for storage of emails sent to that list?
    If it is not a user's mailbox then I would have done it the other way round. The list would have the email address and users would send to the list. If you want to store a copy then you either make a user account a member of the list or create a mail enabled public folder a member of the list. You can hide both the mail account and public folder from the GAL so that neither is seen.

    The behaviour you are seeing is not what I would expect. I would actually expect to have problems with external email rather than internal. If you remove the external contacts from the list, does it work then?

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