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Public folders disappeared after permission and ownership change

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  • Public folders disappeared after permission and ownership change

    I have basic knowledge of MS exchange server 2003 please do not mind if I have silly questions. My public folders have all gone under the folder "folders", and Public Folder store under the First Storage Group is unmounted when permission and ownership are changed. Now nobody can access the public folders from Outlook. I mounted the Public Folder Store, but I got two errors:

    "The store could not be mounted because the Active Directory information was not replicated yet. You can either: -press Cancel and mount store later from its context menu or, -press Retry to let Exchange System Manager keep trying to mount store for you.

    The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service could not find the specified object. ID no: c1041722."

    I tried all information from Microsoft and online posted questions and solutions to reset permissions; however, I am not successful.

    Please guide me how to set the minimum permission for folders that are related to the Public Folder Store such as Administrative Groups, First Administrative Groups, and Mailbox Store, etc.

    I wonder if I need to set permission for system manager because its permissions are different from the permissions of folders that I mentioned above.

    In case I cannot reset the permissions as before. Can I use eseutil command to fix the Pub1.edb and Pub1.stm so that I can remount the Public Folder store?

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    Re: Public folders disappeared after permission and ownership change

    I too have a silly question. Why did you post an Exchange 2003 question in the Server 2008 Forum?

    Moved to the appropriate forum.
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      Re: Public folders disappeared after permission and ownership change

      What permissions did you change and why? Permissions on the public folder store should not be touched, which is probably why it has disappeared.

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