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Deliver e-mails to a useers sub-folder

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  • Deliver e-mails to a useers sub-folder

    Morning all.

    Got an odd task to accomplish and no matter where I look, I canít find an answer.

    I have a user who has a Pocket PC and wants to sync with Exchange.
    We are running exchange 2003 SP2.
    The user wants their e-mails, contacts and calendar entries on the Pocket PC.
    All fine so far.

    The user also wants to forward personal e-mails from 3-4 external accounts, to show up on the Pocket PC only.
    When the e-mails are forwarded, there are no indications of a forward and they show up as if they were directly sent to the forwarded address (sending mail server feature).

    My problem is, if the e-mails get forwarded to the account, they will not only show up on the mobile device, but also in the users inbox as they are one and the same.

    The idea I had was, have the forwarded e-mails go to a separate account, and then have them delivered to a sub folder in the users inbox.

    While it sounds functional, I canít think of, or find any way to do it.
    Rules wonít work, because there is really nothing to look for in the e-mails to apply a rule to.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks for your input.