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Exchange 2003 Queue monitoring and reports

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  • Exchange 2003 Queue monitoring and reports


    I've got a request from a customer to be able to get a daily summary of the non delivered emails.
    He would like to know how many emails failed to be delivered every day, how many are delayed, etc...

    Can you guys (and girls) recommend a solution (product, script, etc)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Queue monitoring and reports

    Promodag is the first thing that springs to mind:
    Quest does as well, if you have deep pockets.

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      Re: Exchange 2003 Queue monitoring and reports

      Right now we're using Outlook 2003 to get this information from the Postmaster account on the server.

      We've configured Outlook 2003 to "Categorize" every email that arrives and using those Categories, sorting the email into Search Folders. This information yields the statistical data we / you are looking for with a Count enumerated by UNREAD email tags. I move the daily READ emails into another folder called "Processed Email".

      We also setup search folders for In-House Daily and Monthly, Inbound - Daily and Monthly, Outbound-Daily and Monthly, and Uncategorized (in which I am developing categories for).

      The Daily search folders give me counts for that particular day's email flow.
      The Monthly search folders give me the total monthly counts.

      This takes a little time to setup, but worth it if you have a company with 100 or less computers and the time to set it up. Its the most inexpensive way you can go or you can use Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird to also do it, but I do recommend Outlook 2003 to do it since it has more flexability.


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        Re: Exchange 2003 Queue monitoring and reports

        @Evisscerator - thanks for the total and free solution!
        @Sembee - thanks for the info.