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Outllok XP "Free/busy" data error message

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  • Outllok XP "Free/busy" data error message

    Hello all

    I have a mixed environment of clients, with outlook XP and 2003 clients on a exchange 2003 server

    I have a problem with one of the outlook XP clients. They have access to a second mailbox with 'publishing editor" access on the calendar. They try to save or change an appointment and receive the following message:

    "Unable to save free/busy information. Unable to open the Free/busy information. You do not have sufficient permissions. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars"

    Well, everything except the last bit

    They are running SP3, the server is microsoft Exchange on a 2003 platform. The server has SP1 installed. According to Microsoft exchange manager, Exchange is running SP4.

    Now I have tried running outlook with the /cleanfreebusy switch and etc, but our exchange setup is a little bit buggered. We originally migrated (years before I started) from Server 2000 to 2003 and during this, we lost the public free busy folder on exchange (more common than you think). Now I figured since this is the only client experiencing this issue, that the problem isn't with the server?

    Outlook 2003 clients do not experience this problem when updating shared calendars

    Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: Outlook XP "Free/busy" data error message

    There would appear to be some version mismatches there.

    If this is Windows 2003, then you cannot have Exchange SP4, as there isn't a service pack 4 fro any version of Exchange 200x. It is either SP3 for Exchange 2000 or SP2 for Exchange 2003.

    It could be Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.
    In that case then it could be either of the above. If it is Exchange 2003 SP1, then I would strongly advise an upgrade to Exchange 2003 SP2 as soon as possible.
    If it is Exchange 2000 on Windows 2003, then you are in an unsupported scenario, in fact I am surprised it is working at all.

    First thing with Outlook issues is does the problem follow the user to another machine. If it does then it could be a permission issue and I would suggest a reset of them. If it does not then it is a client issue - despite the error.

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      Re: Outllok XP "Free/busy" data error message

      Thanks, I know my original post was a little obfuscated, but it was a permissions error afterall

      I added the mailbox to my own login; and was able to add / remove schedules without receiving the error. Then I got thinking, whats the permission difference? Well, they're a publishing editior and I'm an administrattor. Administrators have "owners" permission by default

      Since it would be a little silly to give these users administrator access, I changed their access to Owner on the calendar and the problem went away!

      Seeing as it's a common shared calendar, there would be no issues having more than one user as owner in this case

      Kudos given to Sembee for pointing me in the right direction