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  • Exchange 2003 Problem

    Here is the scenario, I have 1 Windows 2003 Server with DNS/DHCP/DC & 1 Windows 2003 Server with Exchange Server 2003 Installed and configured with with 3 users sending and receiving email now, the rest of the users are using pop3 to connect to get there email and are not configure in active directory with email addresses but are logging on the server so they have ad accounts. now only the 3 users can send email to each other and to any external domain, but when they try to send mail to users in the same domain ( they get ndr reports. but when i mail enable them and add the email address this time i dont get any ndr's but email does not reach there inbox !
    please help

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    Choose a better topic for your thread!

    Welcome to our forum. Everyone here has Exchange problems, so make sure you pick a better topic for your next thread. Failing to do so will result in your account being suspended for 2 weeks.

    As for your question -

    Since the Exchange server "thinks" that it is authoritative for that domain, it NDRs when you send to the other users. This is called a split SMTP domain name, and you shouldn't use Exchange in this way, but if you must, you can configure the SMTP VS to send all unresolved email to an external server, in this case - the ISPs server. However, it it not recommended to work in this manner.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services