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Slow response from Exchange SMTP Server

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  • Slow response from Exchange SMTP Server


    I have two mail servers in my organization. One is exchange 2003 based while the other is a linux based mail server.

    The problem is that when a user send a mail with big attachement using the exchange server as a smtp server it takes a lot of time, e.g a 4.5 MB file takes around 25 mins to send,

    If he sends the same mail using the linux based server as smtp, it is able to send the message in 5 mins.

    My client is Outlook 2003.

    Please let me know where the problem could be.

    Please note that both the servers are connected on the same network switch behind the firewall.

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    Re: Slow response from Exchange SMTP Server

    Do you have AV software on the Exchange server and clients? If so, are you excluding all the Exchange directories on the server from being scanned and are you excluding network traffic from being scanned?