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New mail notification on old mail

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  • New mail notification on old mail

    Two days ago my e-mail system developed a strange anomoly. If I have 'read' mail sitting in my Inbox, after a while I will get a new mail notification in Outlook 2007, my Exchange server will momentarily deliver duplicate e-mails, and then the duplicates disappear. The e-mails then appear as unread in my mail box. At the same time, the e-mails are sent to my Windows Mobile phone.

    I have Exchange Server 2003 SP2 running on Small Business Server 2003. On my desktop I am using Office 2007 Enterprise. Everything has worked flawlessly for years up until a few days ago.

    I am not sure if this is an Exchange problem or an Outlook problem, but becuase it involves my phone too, I suspect an Exchange problem.

    I did have Windows Mobile Device Manger 6.1 installed and OneNote that I have since uninstalled.

    Any suggestions?

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