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Bug in Distribution lists in Exchange 2003 ?

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  • Bug in Distribution lists in Exchange 2003 ?

    I am running Exchange 2003 STD edition on Windows server 2003.

    Scenario :-

    I created 1 DL and and its e-mail
    All users are member of the respective DL
    Project managers and limited number of people can send e-mail to this specific DL

    The Problem :-

    HR people send e-mail to the DL which goes in every1's mailbox in Microsoft Outlook 2003.
    Some users are enough cleaver to expand the DL and reply.
    Ultimately reply goes to every user including CEO and other important people.
    It's annoying when such mails goes in to there mail boxes.
    Denied permissions are set for the respective DL
    If user just tries to reply to the perticular DL by not expanding it he/she can not send reply.
    In few cases experienced users expand the DL which means they are no longer sending e-mail to restricted DL.
    It's a problem for me.
    Any solution on this?

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    Re: Bug in Distribution lists in Exchange 2003 ?

    Nothing you can do to stop that.
    Once the list has been expanded, it is no longer the list, but the same as a user choosing the email addresses from the GAL manually.

    You could try using one of the techniques to hide the recipients or membership of the list, but if the users want to send the email to someone else there is next to nothing you can do about it.

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