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[Exchange 2003] Cannot search e-mail after mailbox move

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  • [Exchange 2003] Cannot search e-mail after mailbox move


    I have moved several e-mail boxes the last 2 months.

    Now my employees say they can't search through mails before the day I have
    moved the mailbox.
    Is the a correct feature?

    - I have disabled Offline Cache and use no OST file, no luck


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    Re: [Exchange 2003] Cannot search e-mail after mailbox move

    i assume you moved the mailboxes from one admin group to another?

    its because of the different admin groups...

    when you move a mailbox from one admin group to another, exchange changes the internal value of the mailbox...

    when the user tries to search, the query is filtered based on the new value, and the old value is not referenced in the query.

    now, ill be completely honest... i have no clue how to fix that. i guess if you knew the old value, then you could change the value to match the old, but i am not that familiar with the exchange processes, nor do i know where that value is stored or changed, or what would happen if you changed it. hell, i dont even know what the value is called...

    i only know this because of some IBM dB2 skills, but they dont apply to exchange... only the concept does.

    if your lucky, one of the really smart people around here may be able to tell you what to do to get the two values to match... or if it can be done. i wouldnt even know where to start, actually...

    sorry for the lack of resolution. i just figured i would tell you why its broke.
    its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
    Give karma where karma is due...