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OMA SSL Windows Mobile 6

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  • OMA SSL Windows Mobile 6


    I have got OMA working via https on 443 with cert (created with cert creation 2003 server).

    When I try to get the windows mobile devices to update email it seems that they will not connect.

    I found the following article and I am Reluctant to do it as i think it will break the SSL connections for the desktops.

    Could I have some advice on running the process from the Microsoft KB or is there another way to get things going.

    I think the certific is installed correctly on the mobile device as when I run https:// OWA I get in from the mobile device.

    Any help would be great.

    [email protected]

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    Re: OMA SSL Windows Mobile 6

    I followed this article and it fixed it for me but I was using a commercial cert. When you access OMA from a client pc do you get a cert error or warning? If so, that is the problem. AFIK a handheld has no mechanism for prompting you if you trust an unknown (self issued) cert and has no mechanism for importing such.


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      Re: OMA SSL Windows Mobile 6

      I followed the article and it fixed it for me too. But I think it has opened up non SLL as well as SLL at the same time.

      Anyway, it will have to do.



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        Re: OMA SSL Windows Mobile 6

        That KB has worked fine for me:
        OWA & Outlook RPC/HTTP working fine over SSL
        Activesync working fine over non-SSL

        Just work through it slowly and dont panic!

        Tom Jones
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