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  • Exporting message addresses

    We are running Windows Server 2003 with Exchange 2003 installed on it. To get mail, we are using a POP connector (our mail is hosted externally). The problem is, our spam filter, which is integrated with the POP connector, is pretty strict, and traps a lot of ham. Since the POP connector is not part of Exchange, it only "sees" incoming mail.

    We would like to try implement something where any email that is sent from our server is automatically added to our spam filter's "safe" list - IE, all email addresses that are in the outgoing mail are exported somewhere, where I can import them later into our spam filter.

    Does Exchange support this in any way?

    Thanks for any help/tips given.

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    Re: Exporting message addresses

    There is nothing that I am aware of in Exchange that can do that. You might be able to get a transport event sink to do it for you, but my preference would be to use Exchange as it was designed and switch to SMTP delivery.

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