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Error 404 on Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access

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  • Error 404 on Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access

    I have a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 box that has just had Exchange 2003 SP2 installed on it.
    This is the only Exchange server in the environment.
    I cannot get to the OWA site, I keep getting 404 errors.
    I have re-applied Exchange SP2 and followed the MS article;en-us;883380
    However I am still having no luck with it
    Exchange Virtual directory is pointing to \\.\BackOfficeStorage\\MBX
    ExchWeb is pointing to E:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\ExchWeb which is the correct install path.
    I have verified that all the files are in the ExchWeb directory are there.
    Any ideas?

    EDIT: - As this server is not in production yet I have done the following
    Uninstalled Exchange
    Uninstalled IIS and all components of IIS
    Installed IIS and all components
    Installed Exchange
    Installed Exchange SP2
    Installed the most recent hot fixes and updates

    Still no OWA......I guess at least it is consistant with its error messages

    EDIT Pt2:
    I have installed OWA admin application and I am able to administer the server through a web interface so I am guessing that it isnt IIS or ASP that are causing the problems.
    Still getting 404 errors when I go to http://server_name/exchange or http://server_ip_address/exchange this is internal traffic as well
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    Re: Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access

    What if you directly brows it directly from the IIS, I mean right click on exchange in default web site and click on brows..........

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      Re: Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access

      Any ISA server is on your enviroment?
      You have to make the rule to publish the mailserver OWA on the firewall setting probably.

      It sounds to me like this.


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        Re: Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access

        The key test has to be on the server itself: http://localhost/exchange
        Is this full product or SBS?
        Also ensure that there are no connection restrictions on the Default Web Site and that the web site is running and on port 80.

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          Re: Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access

          Sorry about the delay in the responce.
          No ISA and it is the full product not SBS

          When I try to browse the site in IIS I get a 404 as well. I thought that it may have been CA's Secure Content Manager taking port 25 but I have tested taht on a different box today and that works fine.

          SCM listens on port 25 and redirects to exchange on 2525.
          I wouldnt have thought that it would be an issue, I should still be able to get to the OWA log on screen, but at the moment I am not making any assumptions.

          I am putting a call in to MS about this so I'll let you guys know how it turns out (being a gold partner does has it's plus's I guess )