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Way to test Exchange install before going live

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  • Way to test Exchange install before going live


    I have a current install of Exchange 2k3 on my DC. It's not used for email at all, just for shared calendars.

    I'm migrating email from a linux maildir system to Exchange 2k3 next week.. And never having administered an Exchange server before, I have a few questions.

    1) I'm not going use use the copy of Exchange on the DC. I'm going to put a new copy on a separate server. I've been playing around with the idea of removing the first Exchange installation, then installing Exchange on the new server. I don't really have any data that I care about losing (email/calendar wise) on the existing Exchange installation. However, I've just about got myself convinced that it will be less problematic to install the new Exchange machine, and then use the Crowley method to move the mailboxes over to the new server. I've only got about 25 users.. My question is this, am I going to have any issues removing Exchange from the DC once I'm done? And is this just done via Add/Remove Programs?

    2) Is there a way to test the new Exchange server before going live and point my DNS in house?

    Thanks for all thoughts.


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    Re: Way to test Exchange install before going live


    To remove existing exchange is simple, just follow the below link:

    As far as testing is concerned:

    1. Create test users in all the stores (if you are having multiple). Create couple of users if you are going to a single mailbox store.

    2. Send test mail to one-another to verify the mail flow.

    3. Once you have registered on internet, send the test mail to internet mail users and vice-versa.

    Kapil Sharma
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