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Internal Email with Exchange 2003

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  • Internal Email with Exchange 2003

    Hi all,

    I am totally new to exchange. Currently we are planning to set up an internal mail server. the following are my plan.

    1. Install windows 2003 server with AD, a different domain name (ex: Exchange 2003 will be installed on this server.

    2. Put this server on the DMZ of my ISA

    3. Publish this exchange server for our staff so that they can access it from any where. Publishing will be done through ISA.

    4. This server will have nothing to do with our existing domain servers.

    5. Users and their accounts will be created on this server for the email access.

    I would like to know whether my plan will work or not. If it is ok, will there be any changes i have to do in my plan?

    Thanks a million in advance


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    Re: Internal Email with Exchange 2003

    Why are you not intergrating it as part of your domain? I dont see the point in creating a new domain just to create mail accounts.

    Also, why are you placing your exchange server in the DMZ? Simon (a.k.a Sembee) has a great article on why you shouldn't place exchange in a DMZ:

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      Re: Internal Email with Exchange 2003

      Well the quick answer is we have plans to change our ISP (internet service provider) in the near future. The new ISP will be providing 3MB service (dedicated). Right now we are in the process of having Black Berry devices for the managers and our sales team. In order to set up Black berry we wants to have an internal email system for the time being. I do not want to have any troubles with my existing domain right now. Once we switch to our new ISP, we will be having our own mail server

      The reason to put my exchange server on the DMZ is this. The Black berry server will be in the DMZ.

      Hope this clarifies your question.



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        Re: Internal Email with Exchange 2003

        Nothing you have posted above is a good reason to put the server in to a DMZ.

        The short answer is quite easy - Exchange does not go in the DMZ for any reason whatsoever.

        Your change of ISP, email domains etc has nothing to with your Windows domain. You should be looking to put Exchange where it belongs - inside the firewall on your main domain.

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