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Uninstall Cancelled Exchange 2003 Install

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  • Uninstall Cancelled Exchange 2003 Install

    Hello, I am embarassed to say I have accidentally installed Exchange 2003 on a server that was to be Blackberry Enterprise server. I intended to only install System Manager and chose the option "Install System Manager Tools Only" but realize half way through the install Exchange itself was installing. I cancelled the install but it was too late. By the time the installation was finished I had another Exchange 2003 server in System Manager.

    When I access Add/Remove programs on this server, the remove option is not present for the exchange software. It only allows 'typical, minimum & change'. I have tried disabling all exchange services, dismounting the mailbox and public folders, disabling public folder redirection, there are no created mailboxes on this server (it was just installed and never used) and I am completely lost why I can not uninstall the software.

    If anyone can help I greatly appreciate it. I have read all the microsoft articles available but not getting anywhere.

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    Re: Uninstall Cancelled Exchange 2003 Install

    Go back to Add/Remove programs and select change, then either select only the management console or finish with the full install and then go back to Add/Remove programs and select remove.


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      Re: Uninstall Cancelled Exchange 2003 Install

      I believe I have tried that. I attached a screenshot of what options I get when I attempt to change the installation. I have installed system manager now since it didn't install during the first cancel. The only components that are not selected now are the three exchange connectors.

      My other exchange servers are running problem free at this point but I really want to remove this unwanted exchange box.

      What else could I be missing? Could the fact that I have not installed sp2 be a factor? It seems strange that I can not remove exchange just because it doesn't have the same level of service pack the other 2003 box has.
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        Re: Uninstall Cancelled Exchange 2003 Install

        That does seem strange and I don't believe that I've seen that before. What if you try selecting the typical option and let it reinstall. Then you can try to uninstall.


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          Re: Uninstall Cancelled Exchange 2003 Install

          I am willing to try that - probabaly after doing more research. It seems there could something else stopping me from accessing remove in add remove programs. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


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            Re: Uninstall Cancelled Exchange 2003 Install

            If I was faced with similar I would be looking to finish the installation. Exchange will come out cleanly if you use Add/Remove programs. It will not affect the other machines.

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