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  • Copy messages Between Mailboxes

    Dear Friends....
    I need help in certain issue here...
    I have Windows server 2003 with AD, Exchange 2003 installed and worked perfectly... I need description of how to forward an email automatically arrived to a certain mailbox to selected group of users internally on the server without letting the same mail to go out on wan... like doing a copy of that massage to several mailboxes in the same server.
    If you can show me certain thread or describe the procedure I'll be very much appreciated.
    Regards to all

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    Re: Copy messages Between Mailboxes

    Create a Distribution Group for the users who are to receive the copy, add the approptiate users to this group. Go to the properties of the mailbox that should forward the email, select the Exchange General tab and click the Delivery Options button and select the Forwardto: option and type or browse for the name of the Distribution Group.