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exchange disk failure

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  • exchange disk failure

    I have a situation where my exchange disk failed and now I have to restore the database from the backups.

    the past:
    I inherited a virtual machine ruining a 2003 SBS server with Exchange 2003 and AD. This was all on one virtual disk located on a single physical disk. <great I know> I have since moved the exchange db to a separate virtual disk on a separate psychical disk, and was waiting for the new raid disks to arrive...
    Guess what happened?

    the now:
    The physical disk on which the virtual exchange disk files were has failed so the virtual disk files are gone.
    I have a recent full backup of my exchange database, and all other virtual disks are ok so I can still run the server.

    the question:
    Is it possible to restore from backups after something like this?
    Can I just add a new virtual disk to the machine and use it as the new exchange disk? How?

    I would much appreciate any and all help you can give before I tackle this since I have never done a full exc restore and this is not exactly a text book example...

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    Re: exchange disk failure

    I don't think that the fact that it's a VM matters. If you have the server running with the DB's disk (in this case - virtual disk) missing, you can either create a new DB from scratch thus loosing all the data, or restore the stores from your backup, just like you would with a regular server.

    Or didn't I fully understand your question?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: exchange disk failure

      No, no i think you understood me corectly. I wasn't sure if exchange will mind not having the .edb files at all before I start the recovery.
      So I can just create a new virtual disk, point the exchange to it and do a restore from backup?


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        Re: exchange disk failure


        Here are a couple things that may help you out. I"m not sure how the restore would be different with SBS 2003 though.

        I would look through this sites documentation on Exchange a little more thoroughly as well. And the rest of the documentation as well, there's an unbelievable wealth of knowledge there. I've found the documentation here to be thorough and to the point.
        I can't believe we don't have to pay for this stuff.....
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          Re: exchange disk failure

          Thank you for all the replys, the links were more then helpfull.

          All I had to do was create new db files for the stores and the restore went perfectly.

          Again thank you all