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rpc-http - local cert and domain name not published

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  • rpc-http - local cert and domain name not published

    I have a user that needs to use Outlook 2003 when out of office. Other using OWA and are happy.
    I followed instructions on MS site. And carefully checked all on server.
    Client part is my concern because they talking about valid certificate and FQDN.
    After reading the web and trying I decided to address my issue here...

    SBS2003/sp2 Exchange2003/sp2 client Outlook2003. OWA works fine.
    RPC is enabled on server.

    Domain name is not published. Users accessing OWA use http://x.x.x.x/exchange

    Since I need it for one user ideally I don't want to buy a certificate or publish domain name.

    Is it doable? What to check?

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    Re: rpc-http - local cert and domain name not published

    You are using a non-published domain name and are still able to receive email??? How exactly are you doing it?

    Anyway, you can use a numerical IP for the URL, no problem. For the certificate you need to enter the exact IP as the user will enter to get to the server from outside, in most cases this will NOT be the IP of the server, but the IP of the firewall's external interface.

    If you want to save on the certificate fees (which are not too expensive anyway) then you can have your own internal CA issue a certificate. You will then have to use the CA's root certificate and import it to the client's computer in order for it to trust the CA (unless the client computer is a part of the AD domain, in which case it will trust the CA automatically).

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services