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Certificates with Exchange 2003

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  • Certificates with Exchange 2003

    I need some help understanding use of certificates with Exchange 2003. I will try to point out my concerns as clearly as possible:
    we have purchased SSL certificate to use with OWA and deployed it on our exchange server ( have only one exchange server) and it is working fine. I am asked to check the options where by couple of users can use Blackberry Internet Mail connectors to set up IMAP connection and start receive and send mails on Blackberry. I guess I need to enable IMAP4 on the exchange server to facilitate this and I want to make sure SSL/TLS is set for IMAP connections.
    My question is do I need to buy another certificate or can I use the one I already have for this system to support OWA.
    Thanks for all the help

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    Re: Certificates with Exchange 2003

    if there is only one site in IIS and and its your Exchange site and it has a cert installed, then there is no need for a second certificate. the single certificate is used for all connections being published by that site.

    if thats not the case, then you will probably require a second cert... assuming i understand what your asking.

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      Re: Certificates with Exchange 2003

      I have always treated certificates as being issued to a physical server. Therefore if you certificate is issued to then you can use the same certificate for HTTP, IMAP, SMTP etc. You will just to set the existing certificate on the virtual server from the certificate store (Assign an existing certificate in the wizard).

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        Re: Certificates with Exchange 2003

        Thanks for the responses. I could get the IMAP SSL configured with the existing certificate. The key is to use the common name listed on the certificate as the Mail server name when trying to set the IMAP connection. For Ex: look at the following scenario:
        Internal host name of Ex server:
        External common name to get to OWA:
        (accessible via

        In this case the certificate is issued for and since the DNS records have alias and Mx set for, we can use this name to set up Secure IMAP from outside provided the ports are opened on firewall.

        I went into IMAP settings and selected the option of assign existing certificate. it seems to be working fine.

        I have some doubts about setting security for SMTP virtual server to use TLS/SSL. I will post it as separate query.