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Exchange Real life Question???

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  • Exchange Real life Question???


    I work for a Software development company. I need help with exchange here's the situation:

    Our Network:
    Active Directory
    1 Exchange Server
    1 public DNS Server

    Our Clients request:
    [email protected] send mail to [email protected]
    [email protected] send mail to will

    Ok now our domain name is so i figured i would have to create an MX record that points to our exchange server and put the record within the zone,which we host.(that helps)

    When i checked the zone the is already 2 MX records there: [10] [20]

    I added: [30]

    and also

    configured a recipent policy.

    What did i miss it's not working????

    Please advise......

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    Re: Exchange Real life Question???

    Your Exchange server has to have an MX with a higher preference (lower number) in order for email to be sent to your server. Set your server's MX record to 5. Make sure that your firewall allows SMTP traffic to your internal Exchange server.


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      Re: Exchange Real life Question???

      If i set my MX record to [5] what will it do with the other 2 record [10] and [20] they currently use those records to recieve mail??


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        Re: Exchange Real life Question???

        Email will go to the others only if yours is not available. You might want to keep them as a backup.


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          Re: Exchange Real life Question???

          They currently use the MX record in place should i try to set mine to [10] and match the other how will that get handled i need for both records to work..


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            Re: Exchange Real life Question???

            You should set one or the other to 10 but not both. If you have both set to 10 then you will get some email and they will get some email, but you won't both get all email. It's really a case of "all or nothing". It all goes to you or none goes to you and vice versa.


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              Re: Exchange Real life Question???

              I have read the post a few times and I don't understand why a new MX record is required. When you say you host the domain, what services are you currently providing. Where have the existing MX records been configured? Is at the registrars end or just in the zone that you have created. When you say that you host the domain does, that mean that you already host their email? If not where is the client getting existing mail from? Is it possible that your public DNS server and the domain registrar DNS servers are in conflict.

              A bit confused,