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  • OWA on seperate webserver


    This site/forums have helped me heaps getting my exchange and OWA setup perfectly. The only step i'd like to do now is configure the location of OWA.

    My domain name routes all traffic to my single static IP which hosts 3 servers. The router is setup to route ports as follows

    - Domain Controller
    - no port forwards
    - Exchange Server 2003(port 25 for SMTP, port 110 for POP3)
    - Port 25 (SMTP)
    - Port 110 (POP3)
    - Web Server running IIS v6 (ports 80 and 443)
    - Port 80 (HTTP)
    - Port 443 (HTTPS)

    If possible i'd like to setup the webserver handle all web requests and to route a particular url (either "" or "") to the OWA on the internal exchange server to avoid any port changes.


    Install the neccersary OWA files/directories on the webserver to handle the requests.

    The only other way i can think about achieving this is to make the Web Server a Front-End mail server which i'd also like to avoid

    Any help would be AWESOME!

    Thanks all!

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    Re: OWA on seperate webserver

    You could try redirecting from the web server. On the Home Directory tab of the web site properties on the web server select the "recirect to a URL" option and point it at the default web site URL of the Exchange server. I don't know if this will work as I've never tried it and it might take some tinkering to figure out but maybe it will work.


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      Re: OWA on seperate webserver

      You cannot proxy OWA through another server unless it is an ISA.
      You cannot install the Exchange virtual directory files on to another server
      And you cannot redirect through another server either.

      You have three options only.

      1. Expose the Exchange server directly to the internet.
      2. Install that web site with Exchange 2003 and make it a frontend. This will require another Exchange 2003 license.
      3. Install ISA server on the web server.

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