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Old mail message has been resend by Exchange Server

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  • Old mail message has been resend by Exchange Server

    Actually I have 2 problems:

    1. From time to time few of my exchange users cannot connect to the Exchange server till the Information Store they belong has to be remounted.

    2. As a result of remounting specific Information store, a mail message from another user (his mailbox belong to the same Information Store) that has been sent more then 1 month ago to a Distribution list containing all company recipients (more then 500) and successfully delivered to all, has been immediately sent again.

    Exchange Server2003 SP2 running on Win2003 SP2 Ent Native Mode

    Any thoughts why things above taking place?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Old mail message has been resend by Exchange Server

    1. you mean they are connected, but they cannot do anything thill the store is dismounted and then remounted? or you mean to say that the store was dismounted from the get-go?

    i would expect this, as the store needs to be mounted before anything can be done. you cant expect the users to send or recieve mail, as the transactions cannot be recorded to a store that is not available.

    as for the second question... that is kinda odd. has the default period for queue reties been altered? i dont see why a message that has been sent a month prior would be resent from remounting the store.... unless the message is at a point where the mailstore was corrupted, and when its remounted its hangin on that message.

    how long has this been happening?
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