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OWA : how many users connected in realtime?

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  • OWA : how many users connected in realtime?


    My question is very easy : I would like to know the number of users connected in realtime on OWA?


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    Re: OWA : how many users connected in realtime?

    I just poked around in the performance monitor till I found this one that seems the most accurate counter

    Add counter;
    \\Your exchange server
    Performance Object: MSExchange Web Mail
    Counter: Authentications (in cache)

    After you add it, Change the view at the top to 'View Report (Ctrl+R)'

    See attached.

    If you need help with the performance counter post back.
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      Re: OWA : how many users connected in realtime?

      The perfmon counter above is the closet you can get - and it isn't because of Exchange, but HTTP. Due to the way that HTTP works, connections are not constant - they come and go. Each time you load a page you are actually making a connection for each object. Once the object has been downloaded the connection is ended.

      The perfmon counter though isn't 100% accurate, I have seen it show 2 for one user.

      You can see the problem if you get hold of the Exchange User Monitor. If you constantly refresh that you will see the OWA connections come and go.

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