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  • rpc-http

    I have two frontends.

    when i use my outlook profile to point to the RPC-over-http
    works just fine. When I use emea it doesn't. I compared every little thing
    and both are identical.

    asia IIS logs show ...... BE:6002 200 0 0
    emea IIS logs show ..... BE:593 200 0 0 (same BE exchange server).

    Wondering why emea always trying 593 port, but not asia.

    Also rpcping to asia is successful but rpcping to emea is "exception 1722".
    Ironically works fine, but rpc-http.

    I have a seperate GC, seperate BE and seperate FE which is rpc proxy server.
    I dont use ISA.

    Can someone help?

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    Re: rpc-http

    The registry keys they are well similar for emea?
    You can try with rpccfg /hd


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      Re: rpc-http

      How did you configure RPC over HTTPS? Did you use the registry method or did you use the GUI? On a FE/BE you should have used the GUI. If you used the registry then there is a chance that you didn't configure them 100% correctly - it doesn't take much to get it wrong - a missing semi colon for example.

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