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OWA page can't open properly

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  • OWA page can't open properly

    Hi, I have a problem with my OWA. When I access OWA page with IE I can log on but after that it's just show Loading....process.
    But when I open it with Netscape it's working well, strange....
    Any suggestions ?Thanks in advance.

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    Windows / Exchange, what versions?

    Are you using ISA?
    What form of authentication?

    What else can you tell me?

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      Sorry for miss it, Exchange Server 2000 (SP3)+ August hofix rollup installed in Windows 2000 Advanced Server (SP4) and updated using SUS server+ IE6 SP1 (updated).
      I hve found some documnents about it but still failed.
      Yes, I using ISA Server 2000 to publish OWA. I use basic and integrated authentication method.
      Already publish using SSL (Thawte Test CA) as suggested but still return the same problem.


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        Re: OWA page can't open properly

        I am also having some trouble with OWA and in my searching for a solution I came across a potential problem if you are running Trend Micro's AntiVirus on the server and its OfficeScan is put in the Default Website instead of its own website.

        Quote from:

        If this doesn't help, I suggest that you uninstall OfficeScan and reinstall
        it on a new virtual site, instead of installing it on the Default Web Site.
        For more information, see Solution 18148 in the Trend Micro Knowledge Base
        at the following URL:

        Outlook Web Access displays a "loading..." message after
        Client/Server/Messaging (CSM) Suite 2.0 for SMB was installed on Windows
        2003 Small Business Server.