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Export, Import Calendar held on mailbox

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  • Export, Import Calendar held on mailbox



    An XP, 2003 AD, Exchange user currently has a fair bit of data on his calendar (Office Outlook) which he shares with another user which is being held in his mailbox on the Exchange server.

    Due to a company alteration, this user will now have a new AD account which is in a different OU, security group, access etc...

    After reading this article, would i be going about things the wrong way if I were to change the location from mailbox to personal folders > back up and then import to the new account and the change the location in the new account from personal to mailbox (out of breath!)?



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    Re: Export, Import Calendar held on mailbox

    If the user will stay on the same Exchange server and the same forest, you can just delete the user (and by that the mailbox will be disconnected from the user) and then you can reconnect the mailbox to the new user:
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      Re: Export, Import Calendar held on mailbox

      Thank you so much!


      Edit; The new user needs the mail+calendar from the old mailbox, but needs the e-mail address that was created with the new AD account. Can this be achieved by adding the old smtp to the new account? Thanks.
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