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Error Moving Last Mailbox - Exch 03 to Exch 03

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  • Error Moving Last Mailbox - Exch 03 to Exch 03

    Hi, I migrated from 1 stand alone exchange 2003 machine to a clustered Exchange 2003 machines.

    I successfully migrated all 95 mailboxes, with the exception of this last one.

    I keep getting this error (copied below) but cannot find enough information to fix it.

    - We have Exchange 2003 SP2 with current patches.
    - I do not have a current limit set for sending/receiving nor a warning.
    - The users mailbox is 1.5GB (which I am asking him to trim down).
    - I cannot find an event log to support what is going on

    Here is the error, please let me know if you have any info, even a lead, so I can go in a direction. As of right now, I'm thinking of backing up and restoring his mailbox to the new server:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="unicode" ?>
    - <taskWizardRun taskName="Move Mailbox" dcName="EXCHANGESVR1" buildNumber="7638" runningAs="[email protected]">
    <timespan startTime="2007-09-05 07:18:05.734" milliseconds="20672" />
    - <moveMailbox mixedMode="true" maxBadItems="0">
    - <destination>
    <database>/dc=com/dc=MYDOMAIN/cn=Configuration/cn=Services/cn=Microsoft Exchange/cn=MY COMPANY/cn=Administrative Groups/cn=First Administrative Group/cn=Servers/cn=MYEXCHANGESVR02/cn=InformationStore/cn=Second Storage Group/cn=FIN</database>
    <taskSummary errorCount="1" completedCount="0" warningCount="0" errorCode="0x00000000" />
    - <items>
    - <item adsPath="GEORGE SMITH" class="user">
    <progress code="21" milliseconds="20672">Moving messages.</progress>
    - <summary isWarning="false" errorCode="0xc1050102">
    An unexpected, unknown error has occurred. MAPI or an unspecified service provider. ID no: 80040102-0000-00000000
    - <details>
    - <source>

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    Re: Error Moving Last Mailbox - Exch 03 to Exch 03

    Move mailbox will fail on one single item. That is what appears to have happened here. Usually it is a spam message that isn't formatted correctly, or a message from a country with different character sets - Japan or China have caused problems in the past.

    Move mailbox usually tells you what message it is failing on. Another method you can use is to use exmerge to extract the mailbox, wait for it to fail and then find the failed item from the logs. Delete the item from the mailbox and then move in the usual way.

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