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Exchange dont send ndr

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  • Exchange dont send ndr


    i have windows server std 2003 & exchange 2003

    lately i have a strange problem that my exchange server dont send ndr when i send mail to wrong address outside my organization ( to thw world ).
    my exchange server is behind two Egap Machine and Iron port anti spam .

    i try to send email for example to [email protected] and i dont get an error massage and the massage is not in the badmail directory.

    i do get ndr when someone from the world sending me email to a worng address
    and if i send mail to wrong address in my organization i also receive the ndr massage.

    What seems to be the problem ???

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    Re: Exchange dont send ndr

    look in your ironport and you should find it there. you may have to create a rule about what to do for NDRs with your ironport.

    i use a c100, and it took a little bit to get it acting correctly for situations like that...

    to complicate the matter, i have a dual domain, and ironport was pretty picky about that.

    call ironport support. theyre pretty good about getting you set up correctly.
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      Re: Exchange dont send ndr

      James is correct this will be down to your anti spam device.

      we do not use ironport so I can't comment directly but our exchange sevrer passes messages to our anti spam device and we receive no more NDR messages for external email.

      Look at the configuration of your device and see if it will pass them through.