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owa change password fields: domain and account

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  • owa change password fields: domain and account

    Hi, sorry im new to owa i am having this problem when users access owa and try to change their password they are required to fill in the following fields domain, account old password and new password.

    is there a way to have the domain field auto filled???

    in the account field the domain seems to be included in this field as a truncated name of ie TUDENTMAIL\aasmith. is there a was to have it default to only aasmith if not why is it truncated and where can i sort this out.

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    If you set a default domain the users can use their username only to login and change passwords.


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      what is relam????

      that still has not sorted out the truncated account info any ideas????


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        You didn't tell which version, but have a look at the following articles...
        maybe that those articles can help you with you're problem.
        or for a better tuturial:
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