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Exchange 2003 Login history

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  • Exchange 2003 Login history

    Is there a way to view the history of a users login history. I can see the last time they logged in but I would like to see the history for the last couple of weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Exchange 2003 Login history

    Are you trying to view their login history for the Windows Domain or when they send out emails? Also, are you using the event viewer in Windows to view the logs?

    If you are using Pop3..
    In Exchange System Manager, right-click on the server name-properties, then go to Diagnostics logging, scroll down to POP3Svc, and turn the following categories between Medium-Maximum:
    Client Action

    .you will then be able to see when the user sends out an email. Sort the Event Viewer by computer, if he/she is on the same and dump it to CSV.

    There is also a EventLog analyzer tool that has pre-canned report for doing the above: however, I am not sure if it has pre-canned reports for Exchange-Pop3 logins to send out emails.
    In order for this to run smoothly, I would have a dedicated machine with about 1gb of memory, with the db on a separate hard drive.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 Login history

      Very much depends on how high you had logging set in the past. If you don't have the raw information in the event logs then you are out of luck. The problem with turning up logging for mailbox logins is that it will quickly drown anything else in the event logs out. Outlook logs in to mailboxes frequently - it can be seen by Windows as many times a minute. It doesn't take many users to flood the logs.

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