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  • Recipient Limits

    I am receiving the following error message when sending message to an "ALL STAFF" group that contains approximately 200 users.

    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

    Subject: email groups
    Sent: 05/10/2007 13:02

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    All Staff on 05/10/2007 13:02
    The e-mail system limits the number of recipients that can be addressed in a single message. Send the message multiple times to fewer recipients.
    < #5.5.3>

    I have worked through the following knowledgebase article

    and have now selected no limits in the global message delivery properties.

    I have also unchecked limit the the number of recipients to in the Default SMTP Virtual Server properties (although it was set to 64000)

    I am still getting the error message and so have these questions if I may:

    1) is this limit set elsewhere?

    2) how long does it take to update the appropriate properties, am I just trying to soon?

    3) why can some send successfully using this group but others can't?

    4) do I need to restart exchange information store or smtp?

    thanks for all your help in advance

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    Re: Recipient Limits

    Did you check the Recipient Limits on your user object in ADUC?


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      Re: Recipient Limits

      Now don't I feel silly!

      Thank you.


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        Re: Recipient Limits

        YW. Glad to help.