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Password Expired Using Outlook HTTPS over RPC

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  • Password Expired Using Outlook HTTPS over RPC


    We have an Exchange 2003 server and a number of our field people have difficulty when their password expires. The field people use Outlook 2003 and connect via RPC over HTTPS. They do not receive password expiration warnings, nor does it appear that there is a way to change the password during the Outlook connection.

    They can obviously use OWA to reset their password. Does anyone know of a way to integrate a password change function into the Outlook authentication process? Or is their possibly a way to notify them via e-mail in advance that their password is about to expire.

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    Re: Password Expired Using Outlook HTTPS over RPC

    Password Reminder PRO from SysOp Tools

    Password Expiration Email Notification by Novell

    Password Expiration Warning Application (PEWA) by M$

    im sure their are others, but these are the most popular imo.
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