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SMTP Server problem (cannot send to

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  • SMTP Server problem (cannot send to

    Hello all,
    I really donít know where my problem is? However I cannot send email to hotmail form my SMTP other email services are ok send and receive. I am hosting and running almost every thing and here how things are setup:
    -DSL modem
    -Server 1
    -Server 2
    And they are connected by a switch
    DSL modem Settings:
    IP: and the Internet IPAddress (
    Port Mapping: Port 53 UDP DNS Port 53 TCP DNS Port 80 TCP HTTP Port 25 TCP SMTP
    Server 1 Sittings: (ws1)
    DHCP Server
    IIS Server
    DNS Server
    Forward IP address
    Forward Lookup Zones
    (A) Internet Public IP
    (A) Internet Public IP
    (A) Internet Public IP
    (CNAME) www ====>
    (Same as parent folder) (MX)
    (Same as parent folder) (NS)
    (Same as parent folder) (NS)

    Server 2 Sittings: (ws2)
    POP3 Server
    SMTP Server
    Full-qualified domain name (
    Domains (local) (local) (remote)

    I can receive email from hotmail but I cannot send, however if I reply the email I receive from hotmail it will be delivered to hotmail. It seem there is a problem with the way I am sending the email B/C when I reply the email it will be delivered, and this happen with hotmail only.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: SMTP Server problem (cannot send to

    Is this related to Exchange? I have moved the question to the Exchange forum, but it it's not, I will move it to the Misc forum.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: SMTP Server problem (cannot send to

      I'm not so sure that he's on an Exchange server...but I did notice that Hotmail recently boosted their email filtering and some of my clients with SB servers can't send to hotmail addresses now.


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        Re: SMTP Server problem (cannot send to

        Hello Dear,
        You are facing same problem like we had 2 months ago. We Installed Exchange 2003 on windows 2003 server OS and setted up every thing. We were sending email to almost every address but didn't able to send on hotmail. We called to our domain hosting company for reverse lookup. Now we can send any receive email on hotmail.