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Exchange restore from MDBDATA folder?

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  • Exchange restore from MDBDATA folder?

    Hi guys,

    I run a SBS 2003 at home. Yesterday my SOFTWARE registry hive got corrupted beyond repair. So I re-installed my server, which wasn't a big deal, because I have only two users on that SBS. We've backed up our e-mail, but the second user forgot to check 'include subfolders' while exporting to pst... So we're stuck with an ost file, and an empty pst...

    I do still have the MDBDATA folder and the LOGS folder from the previous install... Would it be possible to restore the messages from that folder (or from the ost file?) to a pst file or to an exchnage mailbox?

    Keep in mind DC has been re-installed and all profiles are new and that my knowledge of EXS is very limited... am I in a world of pain now? Or is this doable?

    Thnx in advance,


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    Re: Exchange restore from MDBDATA folder?

    I have read of a couple of ways to recover the OST to PST and then import back into Exchange. Will have to dig them out.

    In the meantime you could try the demo version of this . There is usually a limitation on these programs (didn't find anything on the site) so read the instructions etc carefully. It migh be worth a try, BUT do NOT try this on your original OST file. Make a copy of the OST and use the copy to "experiment" on.

    It may also be worth waiting 24 hours to see if other members can post solutions to this problem.
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      Re: Exchange restore from MDBDATA folder?

      Thnx for your answer - Most of these programs (I gave few of them them a try yesterday evening) either do not work on Outlook 2007 ost file or let me see the emails but not recover them (shareware)...

      However, I thought of something else;
      I have an old laptop that was joined to the domain few months back, and I remember that the user's account was created on it... The laptop was used only for few days... Do you think replacing the ost file on the laptop with the orphaned ost file from the desktop might do the trick? It's the same account, same (cached) credentials. I just don't know if security of the ost file is also machine-sensitive?

      I'll give it a try tonight...

      Still would like to know if it's possible to restore emails from the files within the MDBDATA folder, just curious about that.


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        Re: Exchange restore from MDBDATA folder?

        Not cheap, but ontrack PowerControls will work in this situation -- point it at the store and logs and it will recover for you

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          Re: Exchange restore from MDBDATA folder?

          Outlook 2007. Now why didn't my crystal ball detect that was what you were using? Instead, I wasted 45 minutes looking for the Outlook 2003 fix.
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