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  • OWA only admin access


    I Have the following problem:
    I can only access OWA with the administrator account.
    I Have the following setup:

    Server 1: 2000 server SP4 => AD
    Server 2: 2003 server + exchange
    SSL activated on IIS

    When i login locally on https://server2/exchange i get the form based login screen of OWA.
    I can login with DOMAIN\Administrator, but not with DOMAIN\User. I get a login error

    I checked in the AD settings that everyone has owa acces. The IIS settings are as follows:
    > - Default Website: Anonymous & Integrated Windows Authentication
    > - ExAdmin: Integrated Windows Authentication
    > - Exchange: Basic Authentication
    > - Exchange-OMA: Basic Authentication & integrated Windows
    > Authentication
    > - Exchweb: Anonymous
    > - Microsoft-server-ActiveSync: Basic Authentication
    > - OMA: Basic Authentication
    > - RPC: Basic Authentication

    On the other hand, when I connect to Exchange with Outlook from a remote location using VPN, i can login with any user, using the same login routine as mentioned above.