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  • restore mail boxes.

    1. I have Exchange server 2003 on windows server 2000, I want to buy a new server and Install windows server 2003 and new domain. I want to take all mail boxes from old one to new server. what is the best way to do that. to add my self as an administrator to recive all messages sent by users to each other.

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    Re: restore mail boxes.

    You could consider Exmerge, if not ADMT.

    Download Exmerge.exe from here

    Using Exmerge, you can export all mailboxes, calendar notes etc. from Exchange into pst files and then merge (import) the data back into another installation of Exchange. You must take the following steps:

    Export Notes:
    • Run exmerge.exe which you downloaded and it will extract it's files. Copy all the files for Exmerge into the /bin directory under your Exchsrvr directory, i.e. C:\Program Files\ExchSrvr\Bin
    • In Active Directory Users and Computers, Click the Advanced Features option from the View menu.
    • Create a new user who will be the Exmerge administrator but do not create an Exchange mailbox for that user - call the user "exmerge" and give a strong password
    • Add "exmerge" to be a member of the following groups:
    • Administrators (not Domain Admins. To give read/write access to the correct Windows files and folders needed for exmerge.exe to run)
    • Exchange Domain Servers and
    • Exchange Enterprise Servers (to give Receive As permissions on the all of the Information stores, both private and public)
    • For each of the Information Stores in Exchange System Manager, (e.g. First Storage Group) right click and on the Security tab, add the user account "exmerge" and give him at least "Receive As" permissions.
    • Right click exmerge.exe and select Run As... and enter the credentials of the user "exmerge".

    And for your second question, I do not know the answer but do think carefully - it will take 200% of your time to read everyone else's emails, and create an atmosphere of mistrust, perhaps!
    Best wishes,
    MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008


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      Re: restore mail boxes.

      On the answer to your second question - that may well be illegal. You would need to get it cleared by HR or some other legal people IN WRITING. You do not need that sort of information to do your job and it would be seen as snooping. Mistrust is the word written above, you would be shunned by everyone and the use of email would drop dramatically.

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