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Mail Monitoring techniques

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  • Mail Monitoring techniques

    Hi ,

    We are using exchange 2000 (SBS 2000) . Now the problem is from my network most of the users are sending mails , forwarding mails to their own yahoo and hotmail address and westing my bandwidth usage how can i protect it their any third party mail monitoring software available ? so that i can monitor all out going mails at the day end ...i can get the report for every user individually ...


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    Re: Mail Monitoring techniques

    You could start with the Message Tracking Centre built into Exchange
    (EDIT) I presume this is in 2000 -- someone please confirm
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      Re: Mail Monitoring techniques

      Hi ,

      Yes that is fine ..its there in exchange 2000 ( SBS 2000) but is there any third party tools available ?? may be someone is using ....from which i can generate the complete report ..user vise ...



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        Re: Mail Monitoring techniques

        If users are automatically forwarding emails to external accounts you can stop that at the server level by disabling the option in ESM.

        Message tracking will give you the raw information, you will need something to process the logs.

        The best on the market is Quest Message Stats, but it is rather expensive.
        You could also look at Promodag or Mail Detective. They both have trial versions that you can download. Leave message tracking running for a few days before trying to process the logs.

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          Re: Mail Monitoring techniques

          When you say that the users are wasting your bandwidth by forwarding email to their yahoo, etc. email accounts how did you determine that? Do you have some software for monitoring your internet connection for bandwidth that is being used to send personal emails to yahoo, etc.? If so, I'd like to get my hands on that monitoring software. If not, then maybe you should tone down the hyperbole and take a better look at the actual impact of the user activity. If it is against company policy for them to forward the email then that is one issue but to say that they are wasting bandwidth because of it seems a little over the top.