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Prevent Exchange from sending mail locally??

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  • Prevent Exchange from sending mail locally??

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance to any help/advice. =]

    I have a Windows 2003 SBS with Exchange 2003 server. I have XP clients running Outlook. The clients are connected to the Exchange server and have POP accounts as well. I currently don't have Exchange receiving my mail, but it is configured to send mail. This way the clients can use POP to recieve and the default account as Exchange for sending. Everything works fine.

    Ok, some users have Blackberrys and as a result, mail that is sent from [email protected] to [email protected], gets queued and routed for local delivery...thus the mail never reaches the BlackBerry's. I can't afford BES, and the BB Redirector is pathetic at best. Is there any way to force Exchange to send ALL mail to the internet, even if the destination is going to be back on the same server?

    I have tried things like changing the default e-mail addresses for users to mydomain.local, but this just causes more problems.

    Thanks agian everyone for your help. =]

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    Re: Prevent Exchange from sending mail locally??

    I cannot say for sure as their are more expeienced members than myself, however my gut feeling to your question is to set up a new smtp connector to relay all mail through your ISP or mail provider.There is a good article about configuring this at the following link.



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      Re: Prevent Exchange from sending mail locally??

      Let me repeat your issue.
      Your Exchange 2003 server installed on Windows 2003 SBS is just sending emails to the Internet. Internal users are configured as POP3 clients, they download email from your provider but use Exchange to send emails outside.
      The problem is that emails sent to [email protected] from inside (by Exchange) are not reach the ISP.
      Is it correct?
      If YES, than
      - remove from all your recipients policies; (At this moment your exchange server is authoritative for this domain)
      -add a new domain, something like mydom.local;
      -update users email address accordingly.

      Even if it will solve your current issue, using Exchange server just to send emails is similar to have a BMW just to offer a luxury place to your pet.
      The same thing can be done with the smtp services included in any Windows 2000 /XP/2003 OS.
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        Re: Prevent Exchange from sending mail locally??

        Trying to force all email out to the internet, even if it is local is never going to happen. That is not how Exchange was designed to work. You should ideally have Exchange managing all email, inbound and outbound. That is how it is designed to work and it does the job very well.

        You haven't said how many Blackberry devices you have, but there is a version of BES that is free for the first device and the cost of CALs for the next 14 devices. If you have more than 14 devices then simply ask the service provider to give you BES free or you will take your business elsewhere. I have never paid for BES, the most I have ever paid for is the CALs.

        The problem with changing the email address to be the .local variant and removing the .com means that email will go out to the internet with the .local email address on it. That will mean at best people will be unable to reply, at worst your email gets blocked by any decent antispam feature.

        You need to use Exchange as it was designed. If that isn't going to happen then you may as well rip it out, because it will cause you more hassle by trying to go against its designed operation.

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          Re: Prevent Exchange from sending mail locally??

          I would like to thank all of you for the support/advice: Sembee, netxt, and jewen. =]

          I have come to the conclusion that letting Exchange just handle the mail flow, will ultimately solve my issues. Trying to work around it is just geting me nowhere. I am in communication with the other offices and will let our server host e-mail. I will use RPC over HTTP in Outlook for the remote offices. I will also see if BES is even necessary. I have only 6 BlackBerrys, and I think that BES Express might work, but I still have to research that. either way, only paying for the CAL's would be great. =]

          I have learned a valuable lesson in Exchange (Let it work for you) and appreciate all of your help. Take care and keep up the good work. (You shall receive rep points.)