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Public Folder Replication Issue

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  • Public Folder Replication Issue

    Hi All

    Our free busy information is not replicating around the sites. We migrated from a 5.5 environment and switched to native about 2 months ago. The free busy information on some of the sites doesn't seem to have updated for alsmost a year.

    I have checked various technet articles on ADSI editing site names and have tried lots of solutions.

    I have noticed that when a public folder store message goes from one of the servers to the bridgehead/IMS to be forwarded onto another exchange server for an update it goes into the local queue for delivery but never gets out the other side and I do not see an NDR. Any suggestions am I on the correct lines??

    I have also disable McAfee On Access scanning on the servers for the time being but GroupShield is still enabled.