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Outgoing mails stuck in the queue

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  • Outgoing mails stuck in the queue


    having a new installed exchange 2003 SP2 in a single box, the server is configured to be as booth DC and DNS , the DNS is configured as a forwarder to the ISP DNS.
    Nslookup work fine, and I can resolve any targret domain.

    the problem is appear from time to time, that is any outgoing mails are stucked in the queue and delayed, once the I restart the server, all the messages are sent successfully.

    it's very headech to restart the server everytime having such aproblem.

    what about configuring SMTP external DNS, I didnt go for this since my dns working fine.

    what's your recommendation?

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    Re: Outgoing mails stuck in the queue

    There can be any number of reasons for messages sitting in the queues. Putting external DNS Servers on the SMTP virtual server will not fix them though.

    If the messages are released when the server is rebooted then you need to look if something is stopping the messages going out. Prime culprit is AV software.

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