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Public Folder Replication in Exchange 2000

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  • Public Folder Replication in Exchange 2000


    I have two Exchange 2000 servers, one of which I'm trying to decommission. The problem is that the server has Public Folders that I need on the main Exchange box.

    I have tried replicating just about every way possible through System Manager and it says the folders are "In Sync" but there isn't any folder in the Public Folder list. The folders do show up in Public Folder Instances but there is no data in them. Also, when the old server is offline, no folders are accessible.

    Could I make a copy of the pub1.edb file and mount it to the newer server?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Public Folder Replication in Exchange 2000

    Replication of public folders when E2000 is the source is very slow. If you have only just set the replication then you haven't waited long enough. You need to wait at least a week for replication to take place.
    You cannot rely on the sync status - the only thing that you can use is item count.

    However also ensure that you do not have a smart host on the SMTP virtual server of either machine, or any restrictions on the SMTP virtual server that could stop the replication from taking place. Replication traffic goes over SMTP and either of those can stop it.

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      Re: Public Folder Replication in Exchange 2000

      Sorry it took me so long for me to post my solution.

      I know replication is slow, but I had already waited two weeks before making my original post and made sure that the servers were configured properly for replication. Still, no dice; every time I disconnected the server with the pub folders, they'd be inaccessible.

      What I did was I moved my mailbox to the old server with the public folders on it, copied all the public folders to my mailbox, moved my mailbox back to the new exchange server, and then copy all the public folders to the said directory and edit the permissions.

      A crude way of doing things, but I haven't experienced any issues.