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MS Antigen Update Problem on exchange 2003

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  • MS Antigen Update Problem on exchange 2003

    Dear all,

    I have installed MS Antigen 9.0 on exchange server 2003 (on additional server in the org) installation was sucessfull but when i trying to update scan engines its not happening ?any suggestings on this am i missing something in order to get updates...


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    Re: MS Antigen Update Problem on exchange 2003

    how are you trying to update the scan engine? there are three ways to do so...

    1. update at launch
    2. "update now"
    3. scheduling an update

    all three methods fail for updating?

    if you are using the "update now" feature, can you verify the UNC path you entered is correct? can you also verify that there is an update available? the default path should be:
    have you used a UNC path or HTTP to set up the updates? i only ask because:
    Originally posted by micro$oft
    Please Note: When using a UNC path for the primary or secondary update path, you must select the General Option value “Use UNC Credentials” and enter a UNC share user name and password if required. For more information on these settings, please refer to the General Options section of the Antigen Administrator chapter.

    you can also specify another antigen srvr to update from, of course assuming that the other antigen srvr is updating correctly.

    any of that help??
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      Re: MS Antigen Update Problem on exchange 2003

      HI James,

      Good Mroning to you and i tryed on update now option intial and also i configured schedule update also but both are not working and i configured proxy in general option with x.x.x.x:80 and in my primary network update path is ... and i have not used UNC path ,how do i use it and which i have to cnfigure default for i am attaching configuring details for more clarity...thanks....RK
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